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Secondary schools and secondary school students are often appointed for writing a convincing essay. Although most of them are experts. "

In fact, writing an impressive persuasive essay is not simple even for college students, because you should consider a few questions and develop a strong argument and convince your readers to accept your point of view

If you do not know how to choose a good theme for your persuasion, or you do not know how to approach the topic that your teacher provides, continue reading this article, where you will find a list of good topics for persuasion and detailed design guidelines with certain stages

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What is Perssive Essay?

The purpose of the convincing letter is to convince "

You should take a position on a particular issue and build a strong argument to defeat the readers. Your task is to enable your readers to take a certain point of view or to take certain actions

Very common writing is very common in real life. For example, people use persuasion in cover letters to try to convince potential employers to hire them. You used the elements of persuasion in your admission, trying to impress the police and convince them to accept you. Other examples of a convincing record include:

  • business proposition;
  • correspondence with officials;
  • e-mail messages to companies;
  • political and Christian speeches;
  • editorial articles
  • Of course, your essay should be based on logic, and your argument must be supported by the relevant factual evidence, but it is not enough to write an effective convincing essay that can provide a high level of complexity. You need to focus on why your audience might want to take the given point of view. You should consider why your readers may be interested in supporting your point of view and appeal not only in their logic, but in their common sense, emotions and feelings

    You must use persuasion or rhetorical calls

    ??? ethos is an authoritative appeal (trust);

    ??? pups is an emotional appeal (empathy);

    ??? logos-call to logic (reason)

    The idea is to use some rhetorical devices to get emotions in their readership, for example:

  • and others
  • The impressive essay should include:

      In this case, you must take a position and protect it to the end

      The call to action is to express clearly what you want your audience to do;

      The reasons why you can act in a certain way-explain to the readers why they should do so

      The potential benefits of an action are to explain what your readers are reading when they take a specific action

    Now you know what a convincing essay is about choosing a theme and one your writing technic

    How do I choose the Great theme?

    Choosing a good theme for a compelling essay requires a lot of time and effort. If you want to impress your audience, you should conduct research and find controversial issues that are discussed in modern society. You can also brainstorm ideas with your classmates

    Ensure that the theme is not too wide to be controlled. It is better to discuss some specific issues, such as modern education, technology, health problems. Such topics are often discussed in social networks, so your essay will be of interest to your audience. But, of course, you can write about controversial facts from American history-there are many different opinions about them

    It is very important to choose a subject that is really important to you because you are likely to enjoy the recording, and it will be easier for you to bet on this problem and defend your point of view. You will be more interested in your topic, and most likely you will be successful in finding words that will convince your readers

    Make sure that the topic is complex enough to discuss it in your training essay and that it is interesting for your audience. There is no need to write about something that no one cares about. So you'd better write about current events or current trends. On the other hand, if your audience is interested in the topic of your essay, it will be easier to keep them involved and get involved in their emotions. You should avoid those that are too narrow, and those that have been discussed over and over again, such as LGBT rights, abortion or arms control

    Are you still unsure about the topic? Look at our short list of amazing essay topics. They are relevant to today's society and must surely break through your critical thinking. You can use them for inspiration when choosing a theme for the next essay

    20 Psive Essay Ideas for Topics

  • Love makes us stupid?
  • Have People Become Too Too Dependent on Technology
  • Shouldn't people be in prison after they're not in prison?
  • Should there be no guarantee of legal?
  • Whether the BSports Beered Professional Sports Be Banned
  • Is the "American Dream" Attim in modern society?
  • What's better, being an early bird or a Night owl?
  • If you had a lot of money, why would you choose to donate money to charity?
  • Will you take part in the televised show "Real"? What for?
  • Is it important to buy local food?
  • Is it less the best way to weight?
  • Is genetic engineering good or bad?
  • Should all be subscribed to the role of the donor for organ transplantation?
  • Should all be tested for genetic orders?
  • Is organic food a higher price?
  • Eat without training in Cook?
  • Can the money make you happy?
  • Should every couple to think about accepting a child?
  • Should people be entitled to keep houses of exotic animals?
  • Can we really get prepared for global warming?
  • How to write Persasive Espay in 5 steps

    When you have chosen an interesting topic, you should conduct research and collect evidence to support your point of view. You can find relevant statistical data, scientific facts, reports of current events, examples of studies that you may mention as a logical proof of your own ideas. In addition, it is necessary to define the key points of the opposite view. Only reliable sources-scientific journals, famous newspapers and Internet-resources, dictionaries and encyclopedias should be used

    When you collect enough material, you must make a decision and create a memory card or an essay plan that will help you focus on your theme and make your argument more persuasive. Think about the structure of your essay, which usually consists of an introduction, a paragraph of the body, and a conclusion

    Record the introduction. Capture your attention to the reader with a hook. You can start your essay with an interesting or funny joke, statistics, provocative or anecdote. You should then provide some background information about your document. Select a strong position for your statement. You have to decide what your position is and write one strong sentence that will express the basic idea of your essay. Do not try to play on both sides, because in this case you will not be able to convince your audience. Your thesis should leave no doubt about your position

    The paragraphs of the body should present arguments that support your thesis. Separate each paragraph of the body into a single point. Start each paragraph with a clear and targeted sentence. Use the facts, references, real-life examples, and quotes from the experts to back up your statements, but do not keep in mind that you must present your argument in such a way that appeals to human emotions

    Write a closing paragraph. You must summarize your key points and the most important evidence and call the audience to accept your position or take any action. Your task is to convert the reader to your point of view so that the last sentence is also strong. This may be a recommendation or suggestion that your readers should make, a question that asks your audience to give serious thought to the problem or the dramatic word

    If you follow the steps below, you can easily write your convincing essay. But if you have no experience in scientific work, it is best to see a very good example of a convincing essay written by our qualified specialists. You can analyze it and get a better idea of how to organize an impressive essay. You can order such well-written samples of our professional user record